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Search Engine Optimization

Let’s face it, solid marketing is the life blood of any business. You may offer the best product, at the best price, but if nobody is finding you and buying that product your ship is going to sink. The same stands true for a website. You may have the best website design, offering the best dental services, but if visitors don’t find your site then it’s worthless to you. So how will they find you?

Google, Yahoo, & Bing

Just like web design, the trends of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ever-changing. The major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) are always changing their algorithms and processes for determining what website gets to be #1. Good SEO practices cover all aspects of a website, from the design, to the code, to the flow, and most importantly, to the content. Search Engines only care about delivering the best, most accurate results to their users.

Content, Keywords &, Links

The foundation of an honest SEO campaign is centered around a few key points:

Relevant Content
When people are looking for a dentist in Anytown, USA, the search engines want to be sure that if they put you in the results that you indeed are a dentist in Anytown, USA. The content on your website needs to honestly portray your business and your target market. If you really deliver to your clients what you say on your webpage that you deliver, then the Search Engines will treat you kindly.
Keyword Research
There are literally billions of keywords and keyphrases that are searched for everyday. Giving due diligence to the best keywords for you is imperative to a successful SEO plan. How many searches are done for specific keywords? What does the competition look like? These are just some of the questions that need addressing when you choose your target keywords.
Incoming (Back) Links
One very important factor that Search Engines use to determine your rank is how many other websites are talking about you. Google has a rank for every website it’s visited based on the 1-10 Page Rank scale. Having important (higher ranked) websites linked to your site is very good for moving up your own sites ranking. Also, having websites relative to your field (ie, dentistry websites) link to your site is also crucial. To sum it up: If other websites are talking about you, you must be important. If you’re important you deserve to rank high in search results.

A Constant Effort

SEO isn’t just a 3 month project that after you meet a few requirements you’re all done; it takes constant maintenance. New links are always necessary, content always needs to be updated, the list goes on. Only Dentist is not only a full fledged website design firm, we also have a team dedicated solely to helping our premier clients obtain terrific results via SEO.

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